About us

A strong foundation

The Buckeye Undergraduate Consulting Club talent pool is split into three distinct ranks: Business Analyst (CEP), Consultant, and Project Leader. CEP focuses on developing members into strategic thinkers through exposure to business cases, industry professionals, and a capstone project. Business Analysts will also be paired with an upperclassman mentor who will help to guide them through their learning process.

Upon graduating CEP, Business Analysts become full-time Consultants and will be put on client engagements the following semester. Successful and committed members may choose to apply to be a Project Leader, directing their project team over the course of the semester and often acting as the point-of-contact for clients. Executive Board positions are filled internally through an application process. Our Executive Board works to maintain client relationships, source projects, develop new analysts, and grow our consulting organizations as a whole. 


Join our team

We spend an immense amount of time and energy on our beginning consultants to ensure confidence and competence when engaging a client for the first time. We would love to have you join our team and experience BUCC for yourself. 



A diverse background


Since the founding of BUCC in 2011, we have made extensive strides to improve our membership demographics both academically and representatively. In order to provide unique insights, we value the need to recruit unique backgrounds. We have a strong foundation of upperclassmen supported by new waves of young analysts every semester. Our gender ratio is reflective of the Fisher College of Business ratio and significantly improves upon the 77/23 male/female split in the College of Engineering.

Recently, we have focused our attention on recruiting outside of the Fisher College of Business, looking to gain members in the fields of engineering, science, and social studies to better diversify our skill pool we offer to clients.



A competitive drive

Our club believes in recruiting the best, most committed analysts in order to deliver the best, most impactful insights. This drive is reflected in our membership statistics. The Fisher College of Business average GPA is 3.33 and the College of Engineering average GPA is 3.28. We hold our members accountable to strong academic performance and encourage members to hold external leadership positions, volunteer, and attain competitive internships.


Executive Board


Jonathan Alles

Jonathan is a junior with a major in Logistics, minor in Substance Misuse & Addiction, and a member of the Honors Immersion business analytics program.


Jeff Dong

Jeff is a junior with a double major in Finance and Information Systems, minor in Economics, and a member of the Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity. 



Melissa Liang

Melissa is a junior with a major in Operations Management, minor in Studio Art, and a member of the 22nd Honors Cohort. 


Rooney Mantena

Rooney is a junior with a double major in Marketing & Economics, minor in Professional Writing, and a member of the 22nd Honors Cohort.


VP Corporate Relations

Frank He

Frank is a junior with a major in Information Systems, and a member of the Integrated Business & Engineering cohort.


Daniel Khariton

Daniel is a junior with a major in Logistics and a member of the Honors Contract program. 



Nathan Webb

Nathan is a junior with a major in Information Systems, minor in Engineering Science.

VP Membership development

Alex Ikezawa

Alex is a junior with a double major in Finance & Economics, and a member of the 22nd Honors Cohort program. serves as the concertmaster of The Buckeye Philharmonic Orchestra, and is Phi Chi Theta's Professional Development chair. Alex has held prior internships in management consulting, venture capital, and F100 tech, and will be with PwC's M&A Advisory group in Chicago this summer.